Welcome to my on-line “world.”    I’m so glad you stopped by for a visit.

  Life is on fast forward for sooooo many of us.  Can you relate?    I want to open the door wider for the Soul Portrait work that I offer to clients.  It is a visual way to receive information from your Soul about your life path, your current events, past lives and how it all meshes together.   This kind of painting gives you concrete information and, yes, I ask Sprit for “evidence” for you.    I work in a multi-demensional capacity giving your Soul opportunity to share clearly images that will be most useful to you. I work visually because I believe it can mean more to someone when they have something they can see and put their hands around…. something that can be taken home and hung on the wall.   The more you are present with your painting the more will be revealed,   It’s not necessarily instant, but it does happen.     Here’s what a few clients have to say about their Soul Portraits.    I’d love to one for you, prices vary with size of painting and if we’re  not local to each other, there’s always Skype or phone chats.  

 My other creative work is a mix and match of my personal creative ventures, spirit art and paintings of a more global/celestial nature.     

So…. find me on Facebook, , YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.  Or email me at:  pandora@pandorapillsbury.com.  And for a glimpse into how others support and love my work check it out here.

 I’m sending you blessings of wonder, prosperity, joy, and hope you are happily creating in whatever way that makes your heart sing,