Pandora is a multi-dimensional artist, psychic/medium, energy healer, teacher, and workshop presenter.  She is also Mom to two wonderful young adults.

Since childhood Pandora has known that we can communicate with the “beyond” world around us and out into the Universe.  Tree’s do sing to us (the tones they use are most often out of our hearing ranges), pets have a whole lot to say about people, flowers will tell you exactly what they need, and who they want to be planted next to if asked, and it goes on and on.  “Knowing” events, etc. seemed so natural to her that she rarely mentioned it, thinking that everyone was the same way.

She has had a 26-year journey with the Divine that has danced across her sketchbooks, opened her up even further psychically and have led her to the absolute certain knowledge that we are more than our physical bodies.   We are Spirit in flesh, bones and blood…. exquisitely, infinitely eternal.

Over the past 15 years drawing portraits of all kinds of people in spirit (from all over the world and Universe) has grown thanks to the cooperation of these same non-physical beings.  The sincere effort that they take to make themselves known, and to work with her, is touching to say the least.   If you are interested in learning more about Pandora’s work, or if she can answers questions or be of help to you please get in touch through her contact page or email her  at