Resurrection …..


Like the rising bird in the painting on the right, (mine … of course) I have been “resurrecting” my life these past months. Maybe you can relate?  The upside down/inside out nature of planetary energies have left many of us positively breathless, ultra sensitive to the notion of “time,” which has literally sped up, and longing for the “good ole days.”   Did they ever really exist?

We have been tossed around like dry leaves on a windy fall day.  That’s not so bad if you are a leaf…but if you are a human being??  No stone is left un-turned, all ‘dirt” is swept out of the corners of our internal closets….and just when you think you are done with something……it circles back around and bites you in the rear end as if to say “ha! we are not done with this yet!” It’s all good, though.

Learning to “go with the flow” seems to be the easiest (and most productive) route to take. Trust me…. it saves your energy in the long run.   It does not mean giving up, but it does mean giving up resistance.   Then the concept “surrender” becomes one of exquisite courage.  It becomes a word that you speak softly to yourself in moments of “now what?” as you stand before the void of uncertainty.

Let me explain a bit.  By now I am sure you know that we have been programed in weird ways to always accept someone else’s viewpoint over our own.   Many people are leading the way out of this sandtrap thinking.    But what if you have done oodles of work yet still find yourself dealing with “stuff.”    What gives?  How is this possible?

The answer came through one of my guides several months ago and if you hold this perspective  it makes everything a wee bit easier.  Actually it makes a great deal of it easier……and can create  internal relief and wonderful releases of energy.

You see, it’s not all of our/your stuff.   At this time in our history we have been working intensly on clearing our personal energies, healing, raising vibrations, etc.   We should pat ourselves on the back.   We “done good!”  🙂    Now we are clearing and healing generations…backward and forward.  Those who came before us are healing through our willingness to “face up” and “work through” our legacies of pain, dis-ease, misinformation, abuse, etc.   And by doing all of this work we are also clearing and healing “forward.”    I won’t take the time to explain the backwards and forwards in depth, but it is very very real.

Is all of this fair?  Well, to be honest I don’t have an aswer for you on that one.   Probably not ‘fair’ at all,  from a human viewpoint.   But each of us signed up for this particular gig on earth, so maybe loving ourselves and letting ourselves off the hook for making certain decisions and commitments is in order?

We are a tough bunch.   Let’s act like it … by standing in the full grace and the luminous light of our being.   Let’s face it squarely and be done with the darker games of planet earth and create new games of light and joy and creativity.  It’s doable….it’s possible…’s time.

I’m cheering each of us on as we lift ourselves up and out ……. and holding you in light,